Construction Equipment

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An Overview Of Construction Equipment Theft

A lot of people think that it is dumb to steal construction equipment because of these two reasons: one, you’ll get noticed easily, two, it is very complicated to operate and too big to handle. But others do not seem to realize is that construction equipment thefts are very easy to execute due to a number of reasons. As a matter of fact, It has become awfully common in US, Canada, Japan and Europe. For this reason, people should be made aware of the presence of construction equipment theft.

The fact that construction equipments are not outfitted with doors and locks, it is a vulnerable target for burglars. This is why they can easily be driven out of sight by thieves. Plus, people have no means of knowing if the equipment is driven by a thief. It can also be easily disguised which is why they can become unrecognizable to many people.

The thing that attracts thieves to participate in construction equipment theft is that these equipments are really expensive. Generators alone may costs a whopping 150,000 dollars while a forklift can cost as much as 12,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars. This means the more equipments a construction site has, the more money thieve will make. They are also fond of stealing construction equipments because most of the time, the places where they are parked and kept are not really that heavily secured.

The severity of the problem is something that should not be ignored as well. According to Japanese statisticians, around 450 construction equipments got stolen in the year 2008 alone. On the other hand, the US National Insurance Crime Bureau found out that there are stolen construction equipment that is worth at least 1 billion every year.

To date, various government agencies and construction equipment manufacturers are doing their best to discover advanced ways to prevent construction equipment theft. In United Kingdom, there is a construction equipment registration system that makes it easier for authorities and companies to recover stolen equipments. The overview was given by a criminal lawyer who used to help people with problems in businesses for sale and the payment system of pay per click.

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construction equipment

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From Rock to Road with Volvo Construction Equipment (Swecon) and Sandvik Mining & Construction

Frequently Asked Questions...

Are there any benefits to owning construction equipment other then for personal use?

I have an excavator, a dumptruck, and a backhoe. I've only really used these to dig my pond and move firewood. Are there any benefits to owning them other then personal use, like possible job oppertunities or business ideas? Thanks

Best Answer...


The benefit is that you can write off a lot of expenses. You are still out the money. But, save a lot on taxes. The best benefit is that you are friends with the boss. HA!

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